Getting Around Las Vegas near LVCC

Walking can work for short trips in Las Vegas, but remember that it is hot here nearly every day of the year. Walking from the Las Vegas Convention Center should be limited to short trips to nearby hotels and restaurants. Always bring a bottle of water along to help fight dehydration.

This is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to get around from the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Las Vegas Monorail runs between the Strip and the Convention Center. It lets passengers off on the backside of the hotels along the Strip. It is a good method of transportation most of the day, but it gets extremely crowded during the early evening when the many conventions in town all let out at around the same time. It is better for visitors to seek alternate forms of transportation from the Convention Center during these rush hours.

The Las Vegas bus service is called Citizens Area Transit. It is a fairly inexpensive and efficient method of transportation from the Convention Center. The bus drivers will not make change for passengers, but there are ticket vending machines around town that accept credit and debit cards. The buses from the Convention Center will take passengers to any area of Las Vegas they need to go, but it may require a transfer to get to some areas of town.

The fastest way to get around town is definitely by taxi cab. There will always be a line of cabs waiting to take passengers from the Las Vegas Convention Center. The cabs can be very economical for passengers that are traveling in groups. Those traveling along should try to make friends with other convention attendees to help split the costs of their taxi fares.

The only time that it may be tough to find a taxi at the Convention Center is when the crush of the crowds getting out of the conventions during the early evenings overwhelms the cab drivers. It is always a good idea to leave the convention a little early or stay a little late to try and avoid the worst of the crowds.

Driving a Car
This option should be avoided if at all possible. The parking options are very limited around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Once the spaces fill up in the morning, it can be next to impossible to find a parking space the rest of the day.